An overview of the posts contained on my portfolio/blog, labeled by category for your convenience.


A spooky portfolio 🎃

↪️ Click the title to find out more!

Continued work on Jingo 🖥️

↪️ An update about the language I've been working on

New portfolio 🎉

↪️ I have recently created a new small portfolio + blog website for myself using Jekyll Now as a quick-n-dirty way to generate a site.



↪️ All about my new oss authorization platform

Playlist visualiser

↪️ Creating a playlist visualiser with Pillow and ffmpeg

Rename movies & tv files easily

↪️ A small python script to automatically rename movies & tv files basic authentication

↪️ A high-level basic access authentication request guard for ✨

The TV

↪️ A small webapp to watch.. interesting.. tv with

My devconf

↪️ All about my development configuration (dotfiles)


↪️ My experiences regarding the bencode systems which all .torrent files use

Experimentation with Markup Languages

↪️ A new, ill-devised but well-implemented markup language..


Hacky parsing

↪️ Some thoughts on creating parsers quickly and the design tradeoffs of such

Solving 5kyu

↪️ Solving a 5kyu challenge on CodeWars

Gunicorn + Nginx + Docker Swarm = 💖

↪️ An in-depth guide to using gunicorn, nginx and docker swarm in harmony


Irkle Whitepaper

↪️ Whitepaper for Irkle, a merkle tree library and ecosystem designed to be as fast as possible.


Cap writeup

↪️ Breaking into my first hackthebox machine