Rename movies & tv files easily

A small python script to automatically rename movies & tv files


Over the course of last night, I have made a small python script in order to organise future server projects when it comes to movies & tv. To this effort, I have created this “epname” script which allows easy reordering of video files, as long as they fit the following regex:

Name Pattern
Episode e(pisode\|p(i)?)?( )*([0-9])*[0-9]
Season s(e(ason)?)?( )*([0-9])*[0-9]( )?

Using all files in the current directory matching these regex patterns, it allows this script to automatically rename these files into a rigid schema following this pattern:

[title]-e(0)[episode num]s(0)[season num]

So for example, both attack-on-titan-s01e01 and other-show-s20e2020 are correct according to this pattern, in line with many movie & tv sorting algorithms (such as VLC and plex).


Ensure your running Linux as this script only supports it, then clone the repository:

$ git clone

Once cloned, run the file like so:

$ python3

This may differ depending on your linux enviroment!

Some links to this epname project: