My devconf

All about my development configuration (dotfiles)

Over some time switching from operating system to operating system, I decided on many standard applications to install and use when jumping to my next one. This has culminating in me creating a “dotfiles” repository.

This dotfiles repository is slightly different from the ususal dotfiles hosted as it automatically installs everything needed in a handy – but admittedly not greatly-made – shell script intended for anything debian. All you have to do to install a complete developer enviroment is:

$ ./
A simple script to auto install my development enviroment
Updating apt packages and fixing any mismanaged sources..
Installing make..
Installing build-essential..
Installing wget..
Installing curl..
Installing git..
Installing fontconfig..
Installing zsh..
Installing neofetch..
Installing transmission-gtk..
Installing vim..
Installing htop..
Installing zip..
Installing unzip..
Installing python3..
Installing python3-dev..
Installing python3-pip..
Adding the 'hack' font..
Adding background.jpg to '/home/owen/Pictures'..
Installing oh-my-zsh..
Installing powerlevel10k theme for zsh..
Installing rust and cargo..
Installing jupyter notebook (jupyterlab)..
Applying .aliases..
Applying .p10k.zsh..
Applying .vimrc..
Applying .zshrc..
Setting zsh as the default shell..
Devconf finished successfully! You may want to try the extra scripts like ''

Yep. Just is all you need! I have put some time into testing this on multiple ubuntu based operating systems such as ubuntu itself, linux mint, lubuntu and kubuntu to ensure this works properly.

Here’s the repository, or you may install it by copying and pasting this one-liner:

echo "INSTALLING.." && sudo apt install git -y && git clone && cd devconf/ && ./ && cd .. && rm -rf devconf && echo "FINISHED!"